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Apply For Staff

Post by YumYum on Thu Dec 24, 2015 8:28 pm

Would you like to take part in maintaining our server? Apply using the format below and create a new thread here and our staff team will review it!

Note: In order to be accepted, a minimum of two admins need to "+1" your application.
If your thread has "[ACCEPTED by YumYum]" in the title and my "Accepted" comment is not there you will be instantly denied. It is there for order
Rules for applying:
       - Must have at least 24 hours on our server
       - Must have a respectable reputation
       - Must act professional and fair to all players

Name(Steam and In-Game):

Steam ID:


Playtime(approx. on our server):

Any experiences as a Garry's Mod staff member:

Are you familiar with ULX?:

How would you respond to a player using props to enter someone's base:

If you see another staff member abusing their powers, what would you do?:

How would you handle an argument amongst two players?:


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